Hi there! This is Péter,
a full stack developer from Europe!

I'm one of the web-people:
those passionate developers, who make the internet a nice and comfy place for you.


Web Projects

Small companies, weddings of friends, music bands or gaming communities - I was always there to create a website for that! Sometimes just a simple static page, but other ones were built for example with dynamic gift-reservation or community (user) based gaming-data sharing feature.


Offline projects

It hurts, but web is not everything in this world. Sometimes you have to code offline applications to solve specific tasks. I've learned a lot about Visual Basic during the highschool years, so I used it later to develop quickly apps for Windows based systems.


Who is this guy

The first time, when I have created an HTML page was back in 2002, during a school class. Since then I have built a lot of websites, mostly as side projects for gaming communities and small companies. With time and practice I have learned enough to work as a full time web developer. Currently I am on duty in the army of EPAM Systems.