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About Péter

I've started building websites in 2002. Okay, maybe the first ones were monochromatic with iframes and looked like a SPA during these days. But it was a website! :) Since then the web technology have changed a lot. I was paying attention to these changes and always looked for the new solutions. So the iframes died to me soon too.

My passion to create stuff for the web turned into a serious interest when I finished the six week long university trainee assignement at Dolphio Consulting in 2010. I have created a CakePHP based newsletter application and received a very positive feedback with my attitude and dedication to this kind of work. I knew, this is what I want to do, after I graduate from the university. During the last semesters I've focused my attention and free time on the web development topic and created many real websites for people and small companies around me.

After the university, I've started working at MadTatu as a full stack web developer and finally I could pay enough attention and time to pick up all the missing pieces. I became a well trained developer during my first three years enough to apply to a higher level, so I've moved on to EPAM as a UI Software Engineer.

West Coast Swing

Do you like music? What about dancing? I personally always loved both, so in September 2015 I tried a new taste of dancing - West Coast Swing. It made a huge impact on me, how infinite and creative could be. So if you never - ever in your life - tried any kind of dancing, I strongly recommend you to take a sneak peak to this one. The community is worldwide and welcoming, no matter which country you are from.


If you are a child or an AFOL you don't need an explanation for this section. If you are one of the grown-ups, I can't turn you over, you need to go down this path on your own dear padawan! Until then you can read about my AFOL activity at LEGO section.

TV-Shows (Series)

For relaxing or thinking or crying or laughing purposes, either is it so good or happens to be so bad, I can suggest you tv‑shows/series to watch - based on my taste of course. Check out my profile for ideas on the awesome series tracking site - WhatNext.