Init Project: LEGO

My dark ages were relative short, I started my AFOL life in the beginning of 2008, sadly that was the first years of the university too. So you can imagine, I had not much time for anything else, beside books and classes. The tiny amount of free time was spared for friends to preserve basic social skills, such as talking. Beside that I went on local LEGO meetings and started reading about advanced LEGO topics - microscale, etc.

Since then a big period of time went by and I started buying sets in the last couple of years. There was nothing special or conscious part-hunting, but most of the time, tried to select those, which contain new parts for me.

Also bought some sorting racks, cant wait to fire them up - currently I have icecream boxes and self-closing plastic zip bags as my sorting system, since I'm in the process of moving into my new place. Of course there will be a dedicated LEGO corner (the room will be too much at first).

As I said, there are many sets waiting for me to open. They are mixed - bigger and smaller too, some MineCraft, some StarWars, City and Creator sets. But the first one will be the new Big Bang Theory set, which arrives this summer. Cant wait! :)