Web / Projects from the early ages

MSN Minesweeper Championship

We loved to play that game, so we organised small championships (20-30 people). I had to create a website for that.. :)

Larkinor Wiki

I've tried to running/manage preinstalled and free hosted wiki site for Larkinor. The community wasn't that enthusiast.

Mafiawars Wiki

Yeah, there was a couple of months when I thought, FaceBook Mafia Wars is a cool game..

Hirdomatic LLC

Company portfolio site.

Larkinor STR Clan

Community site for the Larkinor game.

Site for local parish

Static content. Design was created with MS Paint.. wohooo.. :)

Tour guide portfolio

Static portfolio site.

SRO Gold

Gamer community based site.

SRO HuN_LegioN Clan

Also gamer community based site