Web / University sideprojects 2008-2010

BME PHP, PHP-FrameWork HTML CSS Version Control
BME Vándor 2010

The purpose was to create a dynamic site for the easier tour-class management. Sadly the university removed that class from the supported list, so we never had the chance to use the site. (CakePHP, Mercurial)

Movie tracking site 2009

t started as a great idea (not mine) to create a social site for tracking watched movies, very similar to WhatNext.eu or Moly.hu. The engine development (my part) was ready, when the leader guy and his designer dropped the project.

djborze 2009

I've extended the existing site with community features, such as more complex personal profile. Design was given, only the PHP part was mine.

Poisoned Peppers 2008

Rock band's website, whitout the rock band. They've stopped playing music together, the site was used during their active time.